Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Charity Miles

Earn money for charity while you walk, run or bike.

It's that simple.  Download the app. Turn it on before heading out to walk, run or bike... and the app tracks your distance and how much money you are raising as you exercise. Bikers earn 10 cents for every mile and walkers/runners earn 25 cents for every mile.

I've been testing it out this past week and have it say... it's legit.  I've got to walk Denver anyway, right? So I just turn on the app and let the $ add up.  Why not?

After each walk/run/bike, you get an email summarizing your contribution for that workout.  The app also keeps a running tally of the $ you have raised for which charities.  LOVE THAT!

Just go to the iTunes app store to download it to your phone.  Their website is  Great inspiration to get up and move as well! ~ Christina


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