Saturday, November 17, 2012

Frog Festival - Rayne, La.

When in Rome... or Rayne for this particular post... right?!  That was my motto the second Saturday in November when I dragged a cousin out to the annual Rayne Frog Festival.  The main draw that evening was Percy Sledge... and what a crowd that drew!

The annual Frog Festival, celebrates the city’s role in promoting this unique Louisiana delicacy (you guessed it - frogs!!), is held the  second weekend in November.  Activities include frog racing and jumping contests, the Lions Club Frog Derby, a queen’s contest, parade, carnival and live music.  The first official Rayne Frog Festival was held in September 1973 under the sponsorship of the Rayne Chamber of Commerce.  I guess they are doing something right since this year was the 39th for the Frog Fest!

So I've been there... done it... and probably won't return.  I LOVE the various festivals my homestate has (literally all the time for anything and everything)... but frogs are frogs.  And quite honestly, I'm not sure it really gels with my vegan beliefs (actually, nothing about this event does).  Frog legs, frog on a stick, forcing frogs to jump in competition for human entertainment, etc.  No thank you!  ~ Christina

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pastor Brothers Cajun Adventure

Homegrown cajun fun.  That's how I'd describe this outing.  A quick, easy and inexpensive way to spend your day in Cajun country. We spent the afternoon on the water taking in the beauty of the Vermilion Bayou aboard the covered party barge, sipping their signature complimentary T-Julips and listening to some cajun music. Captain John was hilarious with tales of “good ole days” and passing along stories his father and grandfather told him.  Growing up near the water, I wasn’t terribly impressed by the actual sights (no wildlife, etc.), but it was a fun way to “pass a good time” as we’d say here in Louisiana. 

I’d recommend them for sure.  Here’s their website:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vermilionville Living History Museum and Folklife Park

The Vermilionville Living History Museum and Folklife Park is a cultural development within the Bayou Vermilion District, serving to preserve the cultural resources of Lafayette Parish and the surrounding region. The museum contains many unique restored historical items within its collection. There are artisans working daily in the park providing an example of how various tasks and crafts were completed back to the early days of the Acadians and Creoles as they worked to create a successful life in the Attakapas Region of the new Louisiana territory.

The park is a picturesque representation of a village from a time period of 1765 to 1890. Within the park visitors are allowed an up close look at many examples of early building architecture as well as how inhabitants worked in their day to day life.

Our trip to Vermilionville definitely provided for a historical and cultural experience.  Quite interesting and a perfect day with my MawMaw. :) ~ Christina

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Freecycle Network™ is made up of 5,082 groups with 9,267,398 members around the world. It's a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Each local group is moderated by local volunteers. Membership is free.

While I’ve heard of this amazing site before, I’d never used it.  But with my pending move, I decided to give it a whirl.  I listed several Halloween costumes, along with several household items leftover from a garage sale I had.  The results?  Several very happy individuals!  The down side is that depending on what you post, the response can sometimes be overwhelming to deal with on email.  Plus, unless you can just leave the item(s) somewhere for easy pick up (like a front porch) you have to contact the other individual and coordinate a time and location (and that often times runs very late).  I’ll use the site again for sure… but will need to see how I manage my expectations a little better.  Check them out:  A GREAT way to give back to Mother Earth and to each other.